There is a theory that anything could turn into a juice! In Tneen Fi Alkhalat with Normar and his influencers friends who tested this theory.

Any story on our planet is normal for most people, but Diaa Alyan must put his touch and talk about it. Not just that, but also he started the program Bas Hek!

When you are famous and controversial, your fate at the end is with us in a dark black room, and the one who will investigate you is Bissan Ismail

In this program, which does not want an explanation, may God have mercy on the guests who will reach the 1500mg caffeine rate

With pictures of celebrities, Ahmed Al-Nashet challenges influencers by hosting them in the studio in 3 enthusiastic rounds, and every single guest so far made a blender.

Anas Al-Shayeb, turned the studio to a reptile jungle, and there is no influencer who is safe from its evil!

A bouquet of positive and social advices, inspiring stories and more with Nouralddine Al-Youssef

Ahmed Selim Tikha presents a collection of social topics and inspirational tips for a better life

Fans of the world of fashion design and the latest trends, with Zina Louay. She explores the knowledge of the stars in this fields

Very exclusive interviews, with the most important Arab stars that you see for the first time with Yaman Al-Omari

Fashion and beauty in a new character, exclusive interviews with the most important international designers with Rima Iskandarani and Christelle Hodroj

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