Kingjoy Vt3500 Tripod with Fluid Head

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Professional Video Tripod Kits
Joy of video series tripod is a professionaltripod designed for film and television shooting, live broadcast, and wedding video.It is made of aluminum alloy and magnesiumalloy, easy to carry and operate, which is suitfor video production and bird watching.Multi-angle Fluid Adjustor
The head adopts the fluid damping adjustmentdesign of front-to-back – 60/+90°tilt, which canprovide multi-angle shooting.360° Panoramic ShootingFluid damping head system. provides 360°stable panoramic shooting.
Damping Adjustor
Latest damping adjustor desing, 360° free toadjust the rotation friction to meet differentshooting requirements.
Mid-level Spreader
The mid-level spreader design. provides themost stable photography status when tripod isfully extended.
Interchangeable BetweenRubber and Stainless SteelSpiked Feet
lnterchangeable design between rubber andstainless steel spiked feet, greatly satisfiesindoor and outdoor shooting under differentcircumstances,and assures the safety andstability or the equipments.
Handle Bar Position Left-to-right Changeable Design
According to different angle and accustomedshooting, handle bar position can be changedto reach the best effect during photography.Also it can be placed at left or right side.

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